Movie Club Inauguration

The Pursuit of Happiness

The movie The Pursuit of Happiness was staged on the inauguration day of the Movie club which was Monday, 17th of September. The choice of the movie is to be appreciated as this was the most suitable one, especially for us, the first year students who has just made the first step into the business school. Filled with suspense, intense emotions and feelings, the movie is highly thought provoking too. Will Smith as an actor has scored high in viewer's expectation. Directed by Gabriele Muccino, the film also stars Jade Smith, the son of Will Smith who has proved to be the father's son.

Follow your heart till it leads you where you ought to be: this is what the movie communicates to the audience. Chris Gardener (Will Smith) is introduced as a salesman, struggling to meet the ends by selling the little needed bone density scanners. His wife, on the other hand, toils in double shift to support her husband and young son, Christopher. Their life takes a new turn with Chris' decision to try for a stock broker internship where one in twenty has the rare chance of a successful career. His wife deserts him and the father and the son are left homeless. Together the father and the son struggle through all of life's share to finally land on the shores of success.

This might seem to be a family story depicting the intense love and affection of a father and his son. But, it offers sharp insights into human life in general. We never become successful overnight. Behind the happiness of any man, there is the story of hard work. Will's strong attitude helps him to reach his goals. He never asked the mountains to move away from his path. Instead, he worked hard and climbed the mountains.

The enthusiasm we spot in Chris is a contagious. The film was an entirely motivational one. And now, let me not linger… for I have dreams to chase!!!!

Megha Mary Michael

2009 Batch