Chairman Feast

A Warm Welcome to 2009 batch!

The lovely dusk gave us a colorful and breezy welcome…. There was excitement and anxiety in the air. The twilight set the right atmosphere for a party. What more does one need to celebrate a feast! Yes, our chairman decided to give the freshers a feast. So, we, the students, decided to start the celebration with a cultural programme. Hoping for a wonderful evening, we awaited the chairman's arrival.

Soon, the chairman and his family arrived and were seated on the dias. The programme was just getting started when the Rain Gods decided to welcome us as well. In minutes, we bid goodbye to them and seated ourselves inside. It was time for action!

There was some hesitation and an odd silence since the freshers were both excited and nervous about their very first performance in the campus. As the programme went on, the heat started. The freshers started with a Mime. Then, our nightingales sang for us, sending us  to immortality! Later, we had a game of  'passing ball' and enjoyed a lot! It was a thrilling experience! The programme ended with a group dance. The performers and their performance were ecstatic!

After the vote of thanks, all of us were in for a surprise. We had fireworks lit up for us and the colorful sparks that shot up to the sky sent all of us gasping for air. The fireworks were breathtaking! With wide smiles and awe, we proceeded for the feast.

The feast was a big hit! All of us treated ourselves well. The only worry was that the evening had come to an end. The rain Gods ended the evening for us, blessing us even more this time! The programme left us cheerful and drained too. It is definitely an evening to remember; cherish and share with each other, through our memories…..


2009 Batch