Name                  :   Dr. Besant C Raj, DBA (Harvard)
Designation        :   Chairman & Managing Director
Company Name  :   Besant Raj International Ltd., Chennai.

I write to thank you and your colleagues for the warm welcome and courtesies extended to me when I visited your school yesterday, on your invitation.  I enjoyed addressing your students and having an interaction with them.

You have a very good School of Management with good students.  I am sure your school will reach greater heights.

Name                  :   Mr. Ashok R Sankethi
Designation        :   CEO
Company Name  :   Kaybase, Chennai

Very smart and well-behaved students and very good campus.

Name                  :   Mr. Baburaj V Nair
Designation        :   Head - Human Resources
Company Name  :   Eicher (ACV Unit of Eicher Motors)

Excellent ambience of learning.  Smart Students, willingness to learn & improve.  Good articulation.  Infrastructure for learning is excellent.

Name                  :   Mr. Christian Kellner
Designation        :   Assistant General Manager - Operations,
Company Name  :   Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

What a wonderful interaction with your students!  Also a very nice place and absolutely state-of-the-art.  Go ahead!

Name                  :   Mr. Ganesh Devaraj
Designation        :   MD & CEO
Company Name  :   Soliton Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

It has been a real pleasure to spend a day at Jansons.  There is a real spirit and energy among the students and faculty that has made a big impression on me.  The campus is extraordinary not just the infrastructure but the garden too.  Keep up the great work and thank you for the opportunity to see and interact today.

Name                  :   Mr. Jacob Raj
Designation        :   Senior Manager - HR
Company Name  :   Cognizant Technology Solutions, Chennai

Very energetic team of faculty and interactive students.  Good campus.  Flawless organisation of event.

Name                  :   Mr. Madhu Janardan
Designation        :   Associate Vice-President
Company Name  :   Infosys Technologies Ltd.

Very energetic batch of students.  Excellent campus and very informative walk-through.  Kudos!

Name                  :   Mr. Oomen Abraham
Designation        :   Vice President - Corporate HR
Company Name  :   CavinKare Private Limited, Chennai

I had a great time interacting with students and faculty.  Lots of insight and learning interacting with students.  Excellent courtesy extended and feel humbled.  Wish the institute and students all the very best!

Name                  :   Mr. Pramod Sadarjoshi
Designation        :   Executive Director
Company Name  :   IDBI Capital Market Secutiry Ltd., Mumbai

I am very impressed with the earnestness and commitment of JSB team in spearheading the growth of this institute.  I wish you all the very best in your journey.

Name                  :   Mr. R. Raghavan
Designation        :   Director, Retailer Service
Company Name  :   AC Nielsen ORG - MARG Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

An excellent location backed with a great infrastructure.  Students have the benefit of utilizing these two and the knowledge / experience of their faculty members.

Name                  :   Mr. Rajeshwar B
Designation        :   Chief Operating Officer
Company Name  :   Global Adjustments Services Pvt. Ltd

Our impressions of your campus are very pleasant - the vast space and the lush greenery that has been so nicely spread all along the thoroughfares - the immaculate maintenance and the modern facilities - right down to the audio/video equipment and printable whiteboard in the lecture halls.  I am sure the students will be so much better off for having spent these couple of years in your fully residential campus.  We wish the staff and management of Jansons School of Business the very best in your efforts to bring the best of management education to your students.

Name                  :   Mr. Satheesh Krishnamurthy
Designation        :   Consultant
Company Name  :   Chennai

Beautiful atmosphere, serene campus, world-class facilities, warm faculty and, more importantly, very friendly and enterprising MBA students.  That's Jansons School of Business.  It has left a lasting impression on me!

Name                  :   Mr. V Suresh
Designation        :   Executive Vice President & National Head - Sales
Company Name  :, Noida

Excellent Campus!  Good Environment! Quality of Students and Value is impeccable.

Name                  :   Mr. Veera Sekharan Subbian
Designation        :   General Manager - Sales & Marketing
Company Name  :   Aosta Software Technologies India Ltd., Coimbatore

Good and Impressive.  Students are really good and performers too.  Nice and pleasant ambience.  Great hospitality!  Great future ahead!

Name                  :   Mr. Vijay Xavier
Designation        :   Vice President
Company Name  :   LOWE LINTAS, Chennai

Great Institution.  Young and vibrant students with a mind to learn.  Excellent infrastructure.  Enjoyable hospitality.

Name                  :   Mr. VijayaBaskar R J
Designation        :   Head - HR
Company Name  :   Hinduja Leyland Finance Ltd., Chennai

It was a wonderful hospitality & great organising done here.  We are happy to repeat this exercise in the future.  Keep it up!

Name                  :   Ms. Gouthami
Designation        :   Co-Founder and CEO
Company Name  :   Travel Another India, Chennai

Enjoyed the interaction with students.  Beautiful campus & great hospitality.  Thank you for inviting me.

Name                  :   Ms. LataRamaseshan
Designation        :   Head, Information Resource Centre
Company Name  :   R K Swamy / BBDO, Chennai

It was great interacting with a very bright set of smart first year students.  The campus has very good infrastructure facilities and excellent professors and staffs.  Here's Wishing the school the Very Best.

Name                  :   Prof. Shiva Kumar Srinivasan
Designation        :   Visiting Professor - Managerial Communications
Company Name  :   IIM Kozhikode

JSB makes an extremely positive impression, both in term of its architectural layout and in terms of the quality of human resource.