Name                 :   Ms. Tresa Sankoorikal
Designation        :   Sr. Manager - HR
Company Name  :   Airtel Ltd., Chennai

Very good co-ordination & hosting.  Beautifully managed.  Good quality of candidates.

Name                 :   Mr. Ramesh Kalyanaraman
Designation        :   OMD
Company Name  :   Chennai

A very interesting day spent with the students.  The questions by some students were brilliant.  The campus is great, so is the food and the hospitality.  Look forward to meeting you again.

Name                 :   Mr. N. Prasad Rao
Designation        :   Amara Raja Batteries Ltd.,
Company Name  :   Chennai

Highly professional.  Very good hospitality.  The campus process looks excellent.

Name                 :   Ms. P. Shabna
Designation        :   Electrical and Automation
Company Name  :   Larsen & Toubro, Coimbatore

Ambience good for learning and development.  Faculty taking effort to make students understand the corporate world.

Name                 :   Mr. Suresh Kannan
Designation        :   Cluster Branch Manager
Company Name  :   ICICI Bank Ltd., Coimbatore

Very much impressed with the profile of the students.  Good Going.  Keep it up!

Name                 :   Mr. M. Elango
Designation        :   Vice President
Company Name  :   Interface Communications

A pleasure to be here.  Enthusiastic bunch of students; nurturing environment.  Warm Hospitality.

Name                 :   Mr. Rangan Mohan
Designation        :   Former President & CEO
Company Name  :   Hinduja Global Solutions, Bangalore

I am extremely impressed by the Quality and Professionalism in every aspect I saw at JSB - in the facilities, Infrastructure, faculty and students.

Name                 :   Mr. V. Krishna Ananth
Designation        :   Editor
Company Name  :   Headlines Today, Chennai

I enjoyed the two days here with the students.  Great experience!

Name                 :   Ms. Pushpa Kumar
Designation        :   Chief Operating Officer
Company Name  :   Think Communications, Bangalore

A remarkable school with attentive students, hospitable caretakers and welcoming faculty.

Name                 :   Dr. N. Ravichandran
Designation        :   Chief Executive Officer
Company Name  :   Lucas TVS, Chennai

I thoroughly enjoyed my session and interaction with students, I could see their involvement, enthusiasm and quest for learning.  The site is an example for infrastructure and housekeeping which can be benchmarked by others.

Name                 :   Mr. K S Ramesh
Designation        :   Executive Director & CEO (Retd.)
Company Name  :   CavinKare Private Ltd., Chennai

I had a fascinating experience of highly committed students actively listening for over 90 minutes.  Their questions revealed their high level of inquisitiveness.  Very beautiful campus.  I wish you all the very best to develop yourselves into a World-Class institutions.

Name                 :   Mr. Manoharan K
Designation        :   CEO
Company Name  :   Aosta Software Technologies India Ltd., Coimbatore

Very well organized campus interview session.  JSB conducted the recruitment to our satisfaction.

Name                 :   Mr. T.M. Ramani
Designation        :   Retd. General Manager
Company Name  :   City Union Bank

Excellent courtesy.  The students behaved very well.  The have good communication skill and fluency.

Name                 :   Ms. Gouthami
Designation        :   Co-Founder and CEO
Company Name  :   Travel Another India, Chennai

Enjoyed the interaction with students.  Beautiful campus & great hospitality.  Thank you for inviting me.

Name                 :   Ms. LataRamaseshan
Designation        :   Head, Information Resource Centre
Company Name  :   R K Swamy / BBDO, Chennai

It was great interacting with a very bright set of smart first year students.  The campus has very good infrastructure facilities and excellent professors and staffs.  Here's Wishing the school the Very Best.

Name                 :   Mr. VijayaBaskar R J
Designation        :   Head - HR
Company Name  :   Hinduja Leyland Finance Ltd., Chennai

It was a wonderful hospitality & great organising done here.  We are happy to repeat this exercise in the future.  Keep it up!

Name                 :   Mr. Jacob Raj
Designation        :   Senior Manager - HR
Company Name  :   Cognizant Technology Solutions, Chennai

Very energetic team of faculty and interactive students.  Good campus.  Flawless organisation of event.

Name                 :   Mr. Ashok R Sankethi
Designation        :   Chief Executive Officer
Company Name  :   Kaybase, Chennai

Very smart and well-behaved students and very good campus.

Name                 :   Mr. Vijay Xavier
Designation        :   Vice President
Company Name  :   LOWE LINTAS, Chennai

Great Institution.  Young and vibrant students with a mind to learn.  Excellent infrastructure.  Enjoyable hospitality.

Name                 :   Mr. Christian Kellner
Designation        :   Assistant General Manager - Operations,
Company Name  :   Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

What a wonderful interaction with your students!  Also a very nice place and absolutely state-of-the-art.  Go ahead!

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