Second Sambandh Programme by 2012 Batch Volunteers

On 23rd January, 2011, JSB witnessed the presence of 40 students from the Middle School in Periya Kuili (Palladam Taluk). The school students (6th, 7th and 8th) were warmly welcomed with a chocolate by the students of the 2012 Batch, and ushered into the classrooms. The activities of the day buy abortion pill included drawing sessions, sessions on paper craft, presenting self-directed skits, learning to paint on computer and outdoor games. A short movie was also screened amidst roaring laughter from the school students.

During the feedback session, many students stated that this visit was a chance of a lifetime for them, and they enjoyed coming here. They thanked the volunteers from the 2012 Batch for being with them and teaching them.

The day ended with a group photo, and the students left for their school, with happy memories......