Sixth Sambandh Prog. by 2015 A Batch Volunteers

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For the 2015 A Batch, it was a blessed Sunday on 2nd February  2014, when  29 students of class 3rd and 4th of Sulur Panchayat Middle School, Neelambur,  made their presence felt at Jansons School of Business. Three staff members of the school accompanied the group of students. They were welcomed by us with roses and chocolates.

The day started with showcasing of their talent by singing and dancing. They were taught Drawing, Craftwork and Clay modeling. The children were excited when they also learnt to paint and play in computers. After a few interesting games towards the end of the day, the schools children were given stationery sets as parting gifts. They left the campus, with unforgettable memories, and we bid them farewell with a heavy heart. It was a day to remember, for we learnt what it means to share and care.